HANAKO plunges the audience into the hyper-realistic fantasy of a young Japanese girl journeying from the pages of a traditional Noh play into an imagined future-world as she attempts to escape the control of two warring adults from East and West, past and present.

Traditional Japan collides with contemporary urban culture, music, anime and fashion as the audience follows Hanako on her precarious journey into the future.

The world premiere of this compelling new work was presented at the Brisbane Festival in September 2016. 

"The production is helmed by an international cast. As the urban myth girl Hanako, Tsukakoshi is dynamic and commanding in her stage presence, particularly in pivotal moments like her dramatic on-stage suicide re-enactment. And she is also strong vocally in delivery of a powerful musical number." - Blue Curtains Brisbane


2017 Matilda Award nominations

Best Independent Production: Hanako - Brisbane Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse and Belloo Creative
Best Female Actor: Kimie Tsukakoshi
Bille Brown Award for Best Emerging Artist: Masako Mizusawa
Best Sound Design/Composition: Dane Alexander
Best Audio Visual Design: Tiffany Atkin, John Grist, Joel Kishinevsky



Director & Co-creator: Caroline Dunphy
Writer & Co-creator: Katherine Lyall-Watson
Performers: Noriaki Okubo, Kimie Tsukakoshi, Caroline Dunphy, Zachary Boulton, Masako Mizusawa, Nicole Harvey and Caitlin Hill
Video Production & Photography: Drift Pictures
Dramaturg: Kathryn Kelly
Producer: Danielle Shankey
Lighting Designer: Jason Glenwright
Sound Designer & Composer: Dane Alexander
Set Designer: Jonathan Shankey
Costume Designer: Kathyrn Walsh
Graphic Designer/ Illustrator & Exhibition Curator:Tiffany Atkin
Illustrator: Tiffany Atkin
Artwork: Brydie Cossar
Marketing Manager: Madeline Römcke
Production Manager: Nicola Jones
Stage Manager: Jeremy Gordon
Assistant Stage Manager: Danielle Maxwell
Video Production & Photography: Joel Kishinevsky, Drift Pictures
Production Photography: Barbara Lowing
Soundtrack includes Deed by Steven Porter